Dr. Rajesh Chauhan

Research Papers:


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  • Assistant Professor
    University Institute of Information Technology(UIIT)
    Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla-171005


  • Doctorate
  • MCA 2002
  • Generalizing Metadata Elements For e-Government In India, ICEG-2010 Conference on April 22-24, 2010.
  • Retrospective of e-government databases, IJCSE Vol 1 No 2, 66-73, 2011.
  • Generalizing Meta-Data Elements: Global Scenario and Indian Perspective, JOAAG, Vol. 5. No. 1, 2011.
  • Technology Challenges In E-Services Accessibility, Journal of Engineering and Technology., Vol. 2, Issue 1, January - June 2012.
  • Theoretical categorization of Interoperability in e-Government, AKGEC JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2011.
  • General Language for Entity Definition (GLEDe): A Consistent Approach for Interoperable Data Repositories, RJCSE (Research Journal and Engineering), ISSN 2230-8563, e-ISSN 2230-8571, Volume 02, Issue 03, June-2011.
  • Comprehensive Framework for quality Database Applications, National Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology and its Application in Industry , University of Jammu at Bhaderwah , 2011.
  • Unified Approach for Structural Coherence in Data Layer of E-Government Services, International Journal of Engineering Science, ISSN : 2229-6913., 27th Sept 2011.
  • A Consistent Approach for Structurally Interoperable Data Layer, International Journal of Computer Information Systems , ISSN: 2229-5208, Proceedings are also available at ICEG 2011.
  • Perspective on XML Schema, RDF and Ontology in Unification of Information Resources in e-Governance, Under Review.
  • Service Based Information Framework For E governance , paper-id 728-JATIT-2k9, Under Review in JATIT (Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology).
  • Coherent Data layer for Federated Data Silos, Under Review
  • About 14 Years (B. Tech. classes).
  • Taught PGDCA classes of ICDEOL, HPU.
  • Taught BCA classes of ICDEOL, HPU.
  • Taught MCA classes of ICDEOL, HPU
  • 2833681(office)