Ayurveda and Homeopathy


Dr. Naresh Sharma,Dean of Ayurveda/Homeopathy, HP University
E-mail : principal[dot]gacpaprola[at]gmail[dot]com

A brief Introduction about Faculty of Ayurveda:

Faculty of Ayurveda Himachal Pradesh University regulates the Admissions, Period of Training, Curriculum of BAMS and MD/Ms (Ay) Post Graduate Courses. BAMS Course is of Four and a Half Years duration followed by 12 months of compulsory   internship before award of degree by the University. The Post Graduate Course of MD/MS (Ay) is of 3 Years duration including First Year as Preliminary Year followed by main course of 2 Years.  These Courses are regulated by Central Council of Indian Medicines (CCIM) Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Faculty of Ayurveda is currently running BAMS and PG Course in 11 Departments at Rajiv Gandhi Government Post Graduate Ayurvedic College Paprola. 
BHMS or Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicines and Surgery is also regulated by Faculty of Ayurveda though there is separate Adhoc Board of Studies and Faculty of Homeopathy constituted by University. This course is also of Four and Half Year duration with 12 months compulsory internship. Currently there is only one Homeopathy College namely ‘Solan Homeopathyic Medical College, Kumarhatti,  Shimla in State of Himachal Pradesh awarding BHMS Degree. 
Proposal to start Ph.D Ayurveda Programmes as per H.P. University Guidelines has been approved by Faculty of Ayurveda and recommendation is accepted by Executive Body of Himachal Pradesh University. One member out of Faculty of Ayurveda is also elected as member Central Council for Indian Medicines for the tenure of Faculty which is 2 Years.
List of Departments associated with Faculty of Ayurveda.
  • PG. Department  of Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicines)
  • P.G.Department of Shalya Tantra (Surgery).
  • PG. Department of  Shalakya Tantra (Eye, ENT and Dentistry)
  • PG. Department  (Samhita, Sanskrit and Sidhanta)
  • PG. Department  Ras Shastra and Bhaishjya Kalpna (PharmaceuticalSciences)
  • PG. Department  Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga (Obst&Gynae)
  • PG. Department  Bal Roga (Pediatrics)
  • PG. Department (Panchakarma)
  • PG. Department Roga Nidan (Pathology)
  • PG. Department (Swasthavrita and Yoga) 
  • PG. Department (Dravya Guna).
  • Department of Kriya Shariram  (Physiology)                                                      
  • Department of Rachna Shariram  (Anatomy)
  • Department of Vidhi Ayurved and Agad Tantra (Toxicology and Juris Prudence)  

Contact Detail:  

Dr. Naresh Sharma, M.D.(Ay) Ph.D.(Principal cum Dean)
Phone - 01894-242064
E-mail: principal.gacpaprola@gmail.com