From Chairperson's Desk
Dr. Mahinder Singh

Dr. Mahinder Singh

It is a matter of great pleasure to be faculty of the Centre of Environmental Studies under the age  is of the Department of Biosciences. The centre is unique because of its unity in diversity of all possible science discipline. Centre of Environmental Studies, HPU has proved its supremacy by its outstanding research and publications in prestigious Journals of India and abroad. Technology led growth is essential for which research and extension are required to be in the continuum. In this regard, our Centre is expanding its expertise in the latest specialized field of Environmental Sciences.  
India particularly Himalaya is endowed with resources. Our civilizations have always been flowering vibrantly amidst these resources. We have everything available in our country for sustainable development. However, some episodic events may hinder the pace of it, but with the futuristic goal and proper planning, it can be abated. We are sure not to leave any stone unturned so far as development is concerned.
 We shall explore new ways and harness synergies. We shall search new horizons to work at. Our future goal is to develop research and academic for societal improvement. We are confident that Centre of Environmental Studies will ensure to be role model in academic fraternity.


Name: Dr. Mahinder Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor ,Himachal Pradesh University