From Dean Student Welfare's Desk
Prof. Mamta Mokta

Prof. Mamta Mokta

The office of Dean Students’ Welfare works for the holistic and comprehensive development of our students at the university campus with participatory approach to management. It monitors functioning of health services, safety net and learning environment. Here, all the activities are undertaken as a measure to promote ample opportunities to the university students to enhance their thought process, abilities, attitudes, competencies, skills and talents so as to boost up their level of confidence. Our effort is to evolve human resources who uphold the core values of discipline, excellence, love, equity, brotherhood, integrity, compassion and respect for others. In view to unleash the talent & potential of our students, we facilitate & endeavour to plan and promote physical as well as cultural activities round the year which include indoor/ outdoor sports events, youth festivals, hobby/ drama clubs, and subject related societies, NCC & NSS etc. Besides this our office also strives to maintain peace, harmony & discipline among our students keeping in view their well-being & growth on one side and another help poor students with financial assistance and appreciate star performers in academics, sports & cultural activities.


Name: Prof. Mamta Mokta
Designation:Dean Student Welfare