It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History webpage at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.  Department of Archaeology and Ancient History is one of the newly opened departments in the University, having been established in 2021.  Currently Masters in Archaeology and Ancient history is offered and with passage of time department will go for research engagements. The HPU history community benefits from close proximity to the Department of State Archives, Himachal State Museum, Department of Language and Culture (all at Shimla) and the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla that is the leading research institution of country focusing on the humanities and social sciences. Some members of the department have been closely associated either as fellows, editors or members of academic and administrative committees of the IIAS, Shimla. Faculty members have been, and are, also associated with other universities and various State and Central government organizations e.g., Archaeological Survey of India, SCERT, NCERT, etc.

Our responsibility is to create new ways to use those strengths to meet present and emerging challenges. The overall mission of the Department is to educate students, and provide them with the necessary academic tools in their respective disciplines in order to function effectively in the competitive global environment. The syllabus is geared to inculcate a deep interest, among its students, of the origins, growth and development of human societies and cultures.  Our coverage has always been worldwide for we believe that there is no human culture whose history cannot contribute to a deeper understanding of human development. Students in our Department enjoy and benefit from a mentoring environment that allows them to reach their full potential and place them in a better position to be successful. History is always exciting at Himachal Pradesh University!           


Name: Prof. Arun K. Singh

Designation:  Professor and Chairman, Department of History