From Chairperson's Desk
Dr. Harinder Singh Banyal

Dr. Harinder Singh Banyal

 Dear Young Minds,

Right from the inception, the department has been oriented towards research and post-graduate training involving the study of biological resources and their development in the state. Department of Bio-Sciences is DST-FIST and UGC-SAP-DRS-II funded department.

At present about 216 students are pursuing their studies for M.Sc.,M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees in Botany and Zoology and almost all of them have successfully competed on all India level, are holding C.S.I.R., U.G.C., I.C.M.R., Inspire or other fellowships.

The department from time to time has been able to obtain research projects from various granting agencies such as University Grants Commission, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Environment, National Medicinal Plants Board etc. which has greatly helped in augmenting and strengthening the research activities in the department. Our library has 5775 books, 12 National Journals and online Journals.

The achievement of the faculty members and research students are reflected in various International awards and scholarships such as Visiting Professorship/Senior Scientist, Alexander von Humbolt fellowship, Royal Academy of Sciences, London awards, Japan Society for promotion of Science Awards, and Commonwealth Fellowship, INSA Exchange Programme/International collaboration. The faculty members constitute a team of bright young scientists recognised nationally as well as internationally and they participate regularly in seminars, conferences and workshops in India and abroad.

I am confident that your higher education journey through the Department of Biosciences will give you the richest experiences of your life. I am looking forward to welcome you in the department.

Name: Dr. Harinder Singh Banyal External link
Designation:Chairperson, Department of Bio-Science