From Chairperson's Desk
Prof. (Mrs.) Anita Ganpati

Prof. (Mrs.) Anita Ganpati

Greetings! I welcome you all whole-heartedly to the department of computer science. The department was started in the year 1989 with a mission to keep pace with the emerging trends in the computer science and technology.

As I welcome the dynamic citizens of the country, I would like to stress on the objectives of the department where we are emphasizing on nurturing the students of yesterday into resolute builders of the future by developing a new class of computer professionals.

As a recognized and highly revered institution, we maintain an utmost academic standard, fused with the conduct of discipline, thereby achieving outstanding results. Our faculty members are known for their academic achievements, teaching abilities and devotion towards their duty. We firmly believe that education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use to appreciate and improve the world around us and the world within us. When we improve our education and continue to learn, we can foster new connections, increase our technical as well as interpersonal skills and understand people better.

For imparting state-of-art education the students are exposed to a best learning experience using theory, practical, project, assignments, industry expert interactions, special lectures that bourgeons the quality of inputs to the students and perfects them to have practical perspective with strong technical expertise.

The serene and stirring environment in and around the department of computer science is very much conducive for the studies and we hope that studying here will be a pleasurable, savoured and memorable experience for all of you.

As the chairperson of this department, I heartily welcome you to this department of academic brilliance and assure you that it will make worthwhile impact in your life and career.

Hoping to meet you in person with regards.


Prof. (Mrs.) Anita Ganpati

Chairperson & Professor, Computer Science Department