Today, the whole world, particularly the developing countries face a near crisis situation both Economic and Environmental. The words Economics and Ecology have the same root, "oikos" (meaning house). While Economics deals with financial housekeeping, Ecology deals with environmental housekeeping. Time has now come when sustainability in development has to enter in our planning process. A sustainable and earthman ship society aims at recycling and reusing materials, conserving energy, controlling pollution and lowering the rate of consumption of materials and energy so that resources are not depleted and environment does not degrade due to overloading of wastes and loss of vegetational cover.

            The environment has been introduced in school and college curriculum as an essential subject and its purpose is to create awareness among masses about the current environmental problems threating the very existence of human beings. In this regard, I thank to the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Himachal Pradesh University for starting a new Department of Environmental Sciences which will prove as a milestone in developing a trained taskforce of qualified youngsters to spread the message of environment awareness among the masses. I extend warm welcome and all my best wishes to the students joining this department with a mindset of coming to learn and going back to serve the society.

Dr.Mahender Singh Thakur
Chairman, Deparment of Environmental Science
Mob: 9418189221