The department of English, established in 1971, has had a vision to impart academic excellence in a holistic way. For the same, the founder Vice Chancellor, Prof. R. K. Singh, brought, to the university, some of the finest minds from all over the country, including Prof. V.Y. Kantak, Prof. Kalyan Chatterjee and Prof. B. K. Tripathi, who contributed immensely towards establishing a literary and critical acumen in the department.
The department was further strengthened in teaching and research by eminent scholars like Prof. Som P. Ranchan, Prof. B. S. Pathania, Prof. Jaidev, Prof. Shyam M. Asnani, Prof. Pankaj K. Singh, Prof. V. P. Sharma, Prof. Jaiwanti Dimri, Prof. Girija Sharma and Dr. Anil Wilson. Moreover, their contribution as creative writers, distinguished critics and worthy administrators gave the university a new academic and administrative paradigm.
Within two years of setting of the department, M. Phil. programme was introduced in 1974, followed by Ph.D. programme in the same decade. The department produced its first Ph.D. in the late seventies and set high standards for the future generations. The faculty is actively engaged in research and is contributing to it substantially. The department, at present, runs two programmes, M.A. and PhD.
English as a discipline is an added advantage in terms of excellence of knowledge, exposure, career opportunities and development of overall personality. The extremely determined, focused and promising scholars being produced by the department are second to none in the world today. The department is confident that the higher education journey through the department will give you the world class postgraduate experience so as to ascertain academic excellence.
To cater to the needs of the multilingual world, the students are encouraged in creative writing, critical analyses of prescribed film based texts, translation studies and theatre performances. The department encourages teachers and students engaged in cutting edge research. To enhance the communication and writing proficiency, the department runs a language lab along with a department library. The increasing number of foreign students is the positive outcome of the multifarious activities of the department.
The faculty has distinction of producing some of the best professionals, statesmen and officers rendering useful service to the nation. Many of the former students and research scholars of the department have held positions of eminence as administrators, teachers in colleges and universities, bureaucrats and successful leaders. In recognition of the research potential and academic achievements, the National Accreditation Council has accredited H.P.U. as an ‘A’ grade University. Being a part of this highly ranked university has made us strive for even higher standards of excellence. This is due to the efficient administrative back-up and excellence of faculty assisting towards imparting quality education, research and inculcating moral values. The department makes every effort to live up to the university’s motto “शस्त्रे शास्त्रे च कौशलम,” that is, those who are armed with knowledge are skillful.