Environmental Science deals with the study of the atmosphere, the land, the oceans and the great chemical cycles that flow through the physical and biological systems. Today environment and ecology has emerged as the most important subject because the implications caused due to over exploitation of environment and resources have put the existence of whole world in danger. Hence it is now imperative to study the different aspects of environment and ecology so that the planning for its management can be done after understanding all technological, economical and developmental aspects. The chief objective of the environmental education is that individual and social groups should acquire awareness and knowledge, develop attitudes, skills and abilities and participate in solving real life environmental problems like climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, pollution and waste management. The perspective should be integrated, interdisciplinary and holistic in character.

Although Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla has completed its Fifty-One years of existence and students were being offered M.Sc. course in Botany and Zoology till date. But now as environmental science education at graduate level has been made compulsory, hence, it was considered worthwhile to start a new course in M.Sc. Environmental Sciences so that the future environmentalists, scientists, economists, planners and technologists passing out from our institution should act as its brand ambassadors and contribute constructively in the progress of our state and country.

I welcome all the new entrants in this course with a motto “come to learn and go to serve” and wish them all success in life.

(Prof. Sat Parkash Bansal)
Vice Chancellor
Himachal Pradesh University