Department of Information Technology

About Us

Department of IT is a leading government department of North India. It offers an excellent learning environment amid the towering deodar trees with a unique blend of distinguished faculty, brilliant students and strong IT industry collaborations.

The students here pursue their studies in a perfect serene and tranquil environment with beautiful and exquisite surroundings. It is the place where the students lay a strong foundation of their careers.


To be among the nation's premier research and teaching Information Technology departments.


To create, share, and apply knowledge in Information Technology, including in interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Information Technology and benefit humanity; to educate students to be successful, ethical, and effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the economic well-being of our region and nation and who are prepared to tackle complex 21st Century challenges facing the world.


The course offered is Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in Information Technology (IT). The duration of Bachelor of Technology is of 4 years spread over 8 Semesters on full time basis.


●Teach students how to use computers effectively, creatively, and intelligently
●Teach Information Technology as a multifaceted, humanistic discipline of problem solving
● Provide up-to-date curricula in the technical and scientific knowledge needed for the professional and academic goals of our students.
●Encourage and participate in interdisciplinary undergraduate educational opportunities at UIT
●Teach students how to acquire new knowledge, independently, in a world that changes with ever increasing rapidity
● Provide students with experiential learning opportunities
● Educate an increasing number of undergraduates in IT to meet the growing demands of the regional and national economy.


Last Updated:17-11-2021