Accounts-II Section

The section deals with Projects funded by Other Agencies, Fellowships, Scholarships and Contingency of all the Projects Departments under UGC FIST, ICMR, ICSSR, ICHR Academic Staff College, PRC, Sub DIC, NBHM, SSA, DRDO, State Funded Projects, DST, DBT, Leave Cases, General Circulars, Establishment matters, INSPIRE Fellowships and Contingency, Atomic Energy etc. All NRI Departments, Remuneration to Paper Setters and Examiners, Evaluators of all Classes, Sanction Cases. UGC, CSIR, Rajiv Gandhi and PDF, Meritorious and other UGC Fellowships, Scholarships, Contingencies, UGC Projects of all the Arts and Science Departments. Contingency of all the Arts and Science Departments etc. HPU Fellowships/Scholarships and Contingency, SSA Adult Edu., Construction Division. Advances/Adjustments of COE Wings. Advances/Adjustments of other than Examinations/Library/Part-II Development Plan and Non-Plan, MTA, Adult Edu., Phy.Edu., STEP, ITS. Refund Cases/Remuneration of Non-Teaching staff of COE Wing. Contingencies of Examination/CDC/AERC/HPPEC etc. Contingencies of Main Office/SPO/DSW/DS/Hostels/Pool Office/Phy.Edu./Estate Office/Health Centre/Legal Fee/Income Tax Returns etc. Electricity, Water and Telephone Bills of all the University Departments and offices. Diary and Dispatch of the Section.