From Finance Officer's Desk
Sh. PC Jaswal

Sh. PC Jaswal

The Finance and Accounts Department has adopted the Quality Policy which states that “We, at the Finance and Accounts Department, are committed to rendering , reliable and consistent service pertaining to Finance and Accounts for customer satisfaction while abiding by statutory and regulatory requirements. We are also committed to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS). We follow a proactive approach and train ourselves in becoming catalyst in enhancing the education process.”

We upheld the commitment to strong accountability and financial discipline. In the global scenario, we contemplate the need for reforms in the financial systems of the University. The ability to deal with changes and challenges with poise and equanimity is a measure of the maturity and wisdom of an inpidual, and equally of an organization and we look forward to built up this ability.

An important foundation for organizational excellence is the continuous evaluation of processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. We are working on the improvement of processes and procedures to bring in the flexibilities in operations. We also continue to review financial management and related processes to identify areas for improved efficiency, financial and performance data integration and internal controls to ensure unmatched reliability in financial activities. We aim at bringing transparency and good governance in the financial activities through Quality Management System.  

My colleagues in Finance and Accounts Department are striving hard with full devotion and enthusiasm in bringing the excellence and innovation. 

I also expect support from the Heads of the Departments/Institutions, Directors of the recognized institutes, faculty members, teachers and my colleagues from administrative departments to achieve effective execution of various programs as well as transparent and efficient financial governance system.

Name: Sh. PC Jaswal
Finance Officer,HP University