Public Relations Office

The University has a Public Relation Office especially to share informations with the public. The flow of informations from various sections, branches, departments, institutions etc. of the University is mainly in the shape of advertisements, press notes-releases and developmental features and articles. This office maintains a liaison with the higher authorities about various activities and achievements of the university at the main campus. This office works towards projecting and promoting University's image and achievements in the media. The department compiles and collates clippings related to the University on educational field.The annual reports to be put before various authorities of the university are also prepared by this office. Department also publishes a newsletter "Campus Vibes". Souvenirs are printed by this office on different occasions.

The Public Relations Officer has come from the main stream of  journalism and professionally looks after the entire department. He is assisted by an Information Assistant, Junior Assistant, Professional proof reader and photographer. 

Ranvir C. Verma
Public Relations Officer
Tel: 0177-231396