About Us

The Himachal Pradesh University Shimla has been involved in studying problems related to the Himalayan environment since 1973. A Centre of Environmental Studies (CES) was established in 1989 at the University, in accordance with the decision of the Environmental Protection Council (EPC), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. The need of CES in the state and the university was felt so as to utilise the wide amplitude of biowealth of the state from dry-scrub forests to alpine pastures with large number of exotic and endemic flora, a rich repository of medicinal and aromatic plants, diversity of wildlife and with 8% protected area network. The Centre aim to utilise the vast amount of accumulated knowledge of the people and expertise of the ecology group and of the other departments of the university collected over the years.

The aim of the Centre is to:

  •     Establish a multidisciplinary platform for furthering research pertaining to Himalayan region.
  •     To impart environment education  to students, researchers and others pertaining to knowledge and understanding of Himalayan ecology and environment manifesting bio-economic aspects.
  •     To carry out detailed survey, analysis and evaluation of biodiversity.
  •     Sustainable utilisation of natural resources.
  •     Restoration of degraded ecosystem through ecodevelopment approach.

Thrust Areas for Research:

  •     Conservation of biological diversity.
  •     Development and conservation of Grasslands.
  •     Development and conservation of Wetlands.
  •     Indigenous practices in Biodiversity.
  •     Environment impact Assessment.
  •     Interaction of man and forests.
  •     Study of air and water quality.