Projects Completed:

  •     Ecological variations in Chenopodium species and ecophysiological requirements of ecotypes in c. album.
  •     Analysis of lake ecosystems of H.P. with special reference to their management and conservation.
  •     Herbage dynamics of natural and modified ecosystem of Shimla Hills.
  •     Structure and function of grassland ecosystem of Ghamber catchment of river Sutlej, Himachal Pradesh.
  •     Bionomics of rural and urban ecosystems with emphasis on energy flow.
  •     Environment impact assessment around Arki Lime Stone Deposits, Arki.
  •     Floristic Survey around Bharmana (ACC) Cement Factory.
  •     Impact of Grazing on the productivity of Alpine Grassland in Himachal Pradesh.
  •     Hydrobiological Studies of various parameters of Renuka Wetland.
  •       Indigenous Biodiversity Conservation strategies in Himalaya.
  •      Ecological studies of the flora of Shimla Hills.
  •      Hydrobiological studies on some wetland in Himachal Pradesh.
  •      Ecological studies on the Flora around Gujarat Ambuja Cements, Darlaghat.