About Us

Established in 1981

Office of Dean Students’ Welfare functions as a nodal centre to promote cooperation and fellowship among students on campus. it is actively involved in coordinating activities for the welfare of students. Taking into account their difficulties and socio-economic diversities against their cultural relativism, it provides them facilities to articulate their creativity and aspirations. It aims at social harmony and campus peace. The students are encouraged to give expression to their talents to enrich our social fabric and improve campus life besides pursuing their academic targets. This aims at shaping students into social assets, making them complete citizens alongside their academic accomplishments.
Detailed functions and duties are also available in Chapter XXXV and XXXVI of the Ordinances.

  1.  More Details are available under Statute 7(2) and Ordinance 27.3 & 27.4 of the H.P. University Statutes and Ordinances respectively.
  2. However, before making any reference, relevant v provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.


  1. Supervise co-curricular and cultural activities of the student in the university campus at Shimla.
  2.  Work in collaboration with the Director of Physical Education and Youth  Programmes , in respect of the physical welfare and  N.C.C , N.S.C, N.S.O and other co-curricular activities of  the students of the university campus at Shimla.
  3.  Directs a programme of student counselling and assist in the placement of   graduates of the University.
  4.  Inter-university cultural activities.
  5.  Sports and cultural scholarships.
  6.  Obtain travel facilities for holidays and cultural/study tours of students.
  7.  Keep in touch with the guardians of the students concerning the welfare of the students.
  8.  Functions as may be assigned to him by the Executive Council or the Vice-Chancellor from time to time.