•                                                             "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library."
  • Over the past 23 years, the Institute has created a dedicated library exclusively for the usage of
  • students and faculty of UIT. It has acquired a good collection of books related to all branches and
  • allied areas. An amount of more than Rs 25lacs, has been spent to purchase latest editions of
  • quality books needed by the students. Presently UIT library has more than five thousand books
  • and a good reading space has also been provided for the students. Library also subscribes to
  • about 20 computer Magazines/Journals besides others. ACADEMIC FACILITIES Institute
  • Library has plans to create a special section of e-books, CD-ROMs and other resource
  • material to provide a resource bank of share-wares and other learning material. Students
  • also have an access to the main library of the University. Library is connected with
  • networking facility through Wi-Fi and CAT
    6 cables. Now the Library has also availed connectivity with National Knowledge Network (NKN).
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  • Also From Time to Time Books are Update in the Lilbrary as per the Demands of the Students 
  • Books Added This Month (June and July -2023)