Photo Gallery

                                                                     “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.”     – Gilles Peress


1. Department of Civil Engineerng -Organized Student Bridge Building Competiton. In UIT HPU.

2. Visit Made by Department of Civil Engineering to Sissu Fall, Atal Tunnel Manali, Under AICTE sponsored Scheme.

Along With

Dr. Mahesh Sharma

Dr. Shalu

Er. Rahul Prashar

Er. Praveen Bhardwaj

3. Visit Was Made to Atal Tunnel Manali To make Students Familiar with the Tunnel Engineering. Under YUVAK scheme of AICTE
4. Visit Made by Fourth Year of Department of Civil Engineering To BIS( Beauro of Indian Standard) at Hotel Marina
5. From Time to Time Visits are made to Various other institution to keep the students skills Sharp.
6. Visit to Prashar Lake Mandi, to Learn about the Construction and Environmental Aspects 
7. A visit made by Students of Civil Engineering to Institue of Engineers(India) - Students from First and Fourth Year made their visit.
8. Inside the Tunnel, Here Students were made familiar with the different aspects of Tunneling , Instruments and sensors- Atal Tunnel- Emergency Escape  Route.
9. Apart from Studies- Department of Civil Engineering also organise various activities to keep the students my fresh .
10. Visit was made to HPPWD Lab to make Students aware of the latest sample collecting instruments.- Under the Guidance of Er. Praveen Bhardwaj