Catering to human resource development is one of the prime aims of education and creation of conditions that contribute to equity and access to opportunities for higher education is primarily linked to development of collegiate education. With this in view, more than twenty years ago, University Grants Commission (UGC) had recommended the setting up of College Development Councils in affiliating universities in order to co-ordinate the development of colleges and to facilitate the implementation of its schemes geared towards improvement of standards of higher education. In pursuance of this it was in 1987 that College Development Council was set up in Himachal Pradesh University with the help of the UGC. Since then it has continued to act as a clearing house of information on UGC assisted activities and initiatives. It acts as a facilitator and catalyst for the flow of its assistance in favour of eligible colleges through its active liaison with the UGC which enables them to take maximum advantage of its different schemes.

In the context of continuing demand for better performance, urge for excellence and upgradation of academic inputs, this institution takes care of these requirements. Besides issues of relevance of education, increasing selectivity, competition for funds and urge to cater to demographic changes, its support mechanism and interventionist inputs play an important role in comprehensively addressing these issues. While disseminating information on various UGC schemes it ensures better linkages and liaison through more interactive communication, understanding and co-operation among the university constituents, the state government, the colleges and the UGC.

He/sheshall work under the direct control of the Vice-Chancellor and will look after all such work in respect of Colleges and UGC and other such works as assigned by the Vice-Chancellor from time to time.

1. More Details are available under Ordinance 27.16 & 27.17 & 27.18 of the H.P. University First Ordinances.
2. However, before making any reference, relevant v provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.

Last Updated:07-07-2022