Construction Wing

The Contruction Wing has been entrusted with the contruction of infrastructure such as Academic Building etc. as per requirements from time to time and subsequent maintenance of created infrastructure. The Contruction Wing of University consists of three (3) departments and the hierarchy of these three departments alongwith in position Officers is as under:-

Sr.No Divisions No.-I Construction Division. PBX NO.
1 Er. Sanjay Sharma Executive Engineer 600
2 Er. P.C. Chauhan Assistant Engineer 624
3 Er. Rajesh Thakur Assistant Engineer 615
4 Er. Kamlesh Kumar Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 616
5 Er. Upender Kumar Assistant Engineer 624
Construction Division , Division No.-II
1 Er. J.P.Sharma Executive Engineer 609
2 Er. J.K.Gupta Assistant Engineer (Civil Maintenance) 623
3 Er. J.P.Sharma Assistant Engineer (Civil Public Health ) 621
5 Er. Sanjay Bhardwaj Assistant Engineer (Design) 620
6 Er. Mohinder Kumar Assistant Engineer (Maintenance) 619
7 Er. Jagdish Thakur Junior Engineer (Public Health) 613
Architect Cell
1 Ar. Sher Singh Thakur Architect 625
2 Sh. Suresh Kumar Assistant Architect 626
  Division No.-I & II Section Officer , Construction 611


Executive Engineers Office No. 0177-2830928, 2831749