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The  Health Centre of Himachal Pradesh University is one of the best equipped primary health care centres in  the state, with best facilities for the  students, employees and also catering to the health needs of the surrounding areas.The World Health Organization (WHO) Defines health as a state of “complete physical, mental and social well –being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. Himachal Pradesh University Health Centre provides Primary health care to the University students, teaching community, employees and their families. Health facilities are also being extended to the people living in the surrounding areas. This health centre is being equipped with modern health facilities to make it one of the best centers providing primary health care. University health centre has a modern laboratory, dispensary and MI room for women.


OPD level treatment is being provided to the students, Teachers and employees and their families during the daytime and also during odd hours in emergency situations. Due to the best treatment being provided to the patients the number of patients coming for treatment has seen an increase in recent years. Now around 20000 patients are being treated in the outpatient department of the health centre each year.

1. EGC Test

  • ECG facility has been provided for the benefit of patients in the health centre. A 3 channel resting ECG machine  with inbuilt thermal printer and auto interpretation has been installed.
    The health centre has been equipped with an automatic oxygen concenterator which can supply oxygen to two patients simultaneously round the clock in case of emergency and  to the critically ill patients. This has replaced the old system of carrying big and bulky oxygen cylinders for emergency purpose.
    Immunization for small kids is carried on the  5th  day of every month for the benefit of infants and children. National immunization programs are also being conducted with the help of health and family welfare department. The university health centre is also monitoring and distributing  the medicines for  tuberculosis  patients.
  • University health centre has a functional fleet of ambulances to carry critically ill patients to the specialized centres in case of emergency.

2. Bio-Chemistry Laboratory


Health centre has acquired modern equipment for its laboratory in the recent years. Medical Biochemistry Laboratory is equipped with Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer and following Tests are available :-

  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function Tests
  • Uric acid Test
  • Fasting Blood Glucose level
  • Alkaline Phosphatase
  • Calcium
  • Proteins

3. Hematology Laboratory

Health centre has acquired a very modern hematology analyser for conducting sophisticated tests to detect and diagnose infections and anaemia in patients. The following tests are done:-

  • WBC, RBC
  • Haemoglobin
  • platelets
  • HCT
  • RDW

4. HbA1C  Test 

Health centre has acquired a HbA1C Reader for the benefit of diabetics. HbA1c provides an accurate and reliable method to monitor metabolic control in people with diabetes. 5. Others

  • Health centre has a well equipped medical laboratory.
  • All the base line laboratory investigations are available here. With the procurement of ERBA 300 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer now almost all specialized medical biochemistry investigations are being done at the health centre.
  • Health centre dispensary has all the medicine available which are being provided free to the students and employees of the university.
  • Recently women MI room has been made functional with the help of UGC.
  • To take care of medical emergencies health centre has two Ambulances which can ferry patients  to  specialized  hospitals like Indira Gandhi medical college. The service is currently free for students of HP university.
Sr.No Name Designation Tel. No. E-Mail
1 Dr. Vinay Kumar Medical Officer & Incharge 0177-2831273  
2 Dr. Ashima Sharma Medical Office (on study leave)    
3 Sh. B.D.Thakur Chief Pharmacist    
4 Sh. Anil Chand Pharmacist    
5 Sh. S.R. Sharma Chief Lab Technician    
6 Mrs. Suminder Gupta Ward Sister    
7 Mrs. Birma Chauhan Superintendent    
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