The Department of Sociology and Social Work adheres to the university’s educational principles and strives to train talented people to become the cornerstones of social improvement. Our society requires talented people who can understand the contemporary issues profoundly and have the conceptual powers to realize new possibilities and solutions for society. The Department of Sociology and Social Work aims to nurture students by inculcating the knowledge and deep insight of others and self so that they will contribute to form a human society that respects and support human character and individuality.

The Department of Sociology and Social Work has its own curriculum and faculty. It is a two year programme that aims to equip students with the basic and applied principle of Sociology which is a scientific study of society. Social work is the practical application of skills and knowledge. It seeks to improve the quality of life in societies.

    The other objectives are highlighted below:

  • To foster a highly-developed sense of human rights and abundant sensibility
  •     To develop the skills to think objectively and analytically about the different conflicts and explore them as issues in society.
  •     To develop the understanding of social science research techniques and put them into practice.