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Prof. B K Shivram

From Dean of Studies' Desk

The Dean of Studies office functions under overall control of the Vice-Chancellor and look after the academic and administrative matter of the University. More Details are available under Statute 7(1) and Ordinance 27.1 & 27.2 of the H.P. University Statutes and Ordinances respectively.However, before making any reference, relevant  provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.

There are 28 teaching departments in the University Campus.  All the academic activities of various departments are coordinated by the Dean of Studies.  As and when a new department is created or new subject is introduced for teaching  in the University, the role of the Dean of Studies becomes very significant. The Dean of Studies is assisted in his work by the Deans of Faculties in the interpretations of rules with regard to admission and other academic matters.

The Dean of Studies is responsible for making the schedule of admissions, teaching, examination and publications of prospectus for admissions.  The Dean of Studies is also responsible for managing the entrance tests of candidates desirous to seek admissions to some of the P.G. classes on the campus.  The Dean of Studies as Senior Superintendent, is also responsible for the examination schedule, holding of the examinations on the campus wish the help of Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents and Invigilators put on duty as per the roster of teaching faculty for the examination.

The Dean of Studies is also responsible for giving scholarships to research scholars on the basis of merit in the qualifying examination.  Scholarships are awarded to the candidates and later continued as per the rules after receiving the recommendations from the Department on the basis of the progress of the candidate.  The Group-wise Merit Scholarships are also awarded to candidates from among the fresh entrants in P.G. Classes.  One group scholarship is exclusively given to one girl student on the basis of highest merit.

The University has established a Model School known as H.P. University Model School (upto class X) keeping in view the requirement of the children of the University employees.  The school is also open to wards of persons who are not in the employment in the University.  At present the teaching in school is upto Class X.  This school is affiliated to H.P. Board of School Education, Dharamshala.  The school is having highly qualified staff headed by Principal, Shri Umesh Moudgil, M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.  It is well equipped with proper equipments and infrastructure with a facility of a big playground.  The Dean of Studies as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the School has to play a pivotal role for the smooth functioning of the school.  The advisory committee is constituted by this office on  some crucial matters related to the overall betterment of school. At present, the total strength of students in the school is around 500.

Teaching Departments

  •     Department of  Bio-Sciences
  •     Department of  Bio-Technology
  •     Department of  Buddhist Studies(Bhoti Language)
  •     Department of  Chemistry
  •     Department of  Computer Science
  •     Department of  Commerce
  •     Department of  English
  •     Department of  Economics
  •     Department of  Education
  •     Department of  Geography
  •     Depa rtment of  Hindi
  •     Department of  History
  •     Institute of  Management Studies (IMS)
  •     Institute of  Vocational  Studies (MTA)
  •     Department of  Journalism and Mass Communication
  •     Department of  Laws
  •     Department of  Modern European and Foreign Languages
  •     Department of  Mathematics
  •     Department of  Performing Arts
  •     Department of  Physics
  •     Department of   Physical Education
  •     Department of   Political Science  
  •     Department of  Psychology
  •     Department of  Public Administration
  •     Department of  Sanskrit
  •     Department of  Sociology
  •     Department of  Visual Arts
  •     Department of  Yoga Studies

Teaching Faculties

  •     Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies
  •     Faculty of Education
  •     Faculty of Arts & Languages
  •     Faculty of Law
  •     Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts
  •     Faculty of Physical Sciences
  •     Faculty of Life Sciences
  •     Faculty of Social Sciences
  •     Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  •     Faculty of Dental Sciences
  •     Faculty of Medical Sciences
  •     Faculty of Ayurveda and Homeopathy
  •     Faculty of Environment,Sustainability and Developement Studies


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Prof. B K Shivram

Contact No.: 0177-2830922

Email Id: deanstudies[at]hpuniv[dot]ac[dot]in