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He/She shall be ex-officio Member-Secretary of the Court, the Executive Council and the Academic Council of the University. He/She shall be the custodian of the records, the common seal and such other properties of the University as the Executive Council shall commit to his charge. He/She shall conduct the official correspondence with the Court, the Executive Council and the Academic Council. He/She shall supply to the Chancellor copies of the agenda of meetings of the authorities of the University, as soon as they are issued and the minutes of the meetings of the authorities ordinarily with in a month of the holding of the meetings. He/She shall represent the University in suits or proceedings by or against the University, sign powers of attorney and verify pleadings or depute his representative(s) for the purpose. He/She shall enter into agreement(s) or contract(s), and very, revoke or cancel them for and on behalf of the University. He/She accept for and on behalf of the University any trust, bequest, donation or transfer of any movable or immovable property.  He/She shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be specified in these Statutes or prescribed by the Ordinances or Rules and the Regulations or as may be required from time to time, by the Executive Council or the Vice-Chancellor. The Registrar shall have power to take disciplinary action against the employees up to the rank of Senior Assistant and to suspend them pending inquiry, to administer warnings to them or to impose on them the penalty of censure or the withholding of increment(s); provided that no such penalty shall be imposed unless the person concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against the action proposed to be taken in  record to him.

1. More Details are available under Section 15 and Statute 4 of the H.P. University Act and Statutes respectively.
2. However, before making any reference, relevant provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.

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