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The Finance Officer is a whole time salaried Officer of the University. The Finance Officer functions under the overall control of the Vice-Chancellor,he looks after the financial matters of the University and required to exercise general supervision over the funds of the University. The finance Officer is responsible for the proper maintenance of the accounts of the University, subject to the control of Executive Council. He is the secretary of the Finance Committee of the Himachal Pradesh University and performing following functions:

  1. Exercise general supervision over the funds of the University and shall advise it as regard its financial policy.
  2. Be responsible for the proper maintenance of the accounts of the University; and
  3. Perform such other financial functions as may be assigned to him by the Executive Council or as may be prescribed by these Statutes or the Ordinances; Provided that the Finance Officer shall not incur any expenditure or make any investment exceeding Rs.10,000/- without the previous approval of the Executive Council.

Subject to the control of the Executive council, the Finance Officer shall-

  1. Hold and manage the property and investments including trust and endowed property for furthering any of the objects of the University.
  2. See that the limits fixed by the Finance Committee for recurring and non-recurring expenditure for one year are not exceeded and that all moneys are expended on the purposes for which they are granted or allotted.
  3. Be responsible for the preparation of annual accounts and the budget of the University for the n0065t financial year and for presentation of the same to the Executive Council.
  4. Keep a constant watch on the state of the cash and bank balances and on the state of investments;
  5. Watch the progress of collection of revenue and advise on the methods of collection employed;
  6. See that the registers of building, land furniture and equipment are maintained up-to-date and that the stock checking of equipment and other consumable material in all offices, teaching departments, colleges and institutions maintained by the University is conducted at regular intervals, or as may be required from time to time;
  7. Call for from any office or department or college or institution under the University any information or returns that he may consider necessary to discharge his financial responsibilities.
  8. The receipt of the Finance Officer or of the person or persons duly authorized in this behalf by the Executive Council for any money payable to the University shall be sufficient discharge for the same.


He shall be the ex-official Member- Secretary of the Finance Committee of the University. He shall exercise general supervision over the funds of the University and shall advise it as regard its financial policy. He shall be responsible for the proper maintenance of the accounts of the University. He shall perform such other financial functions as may be assigned to him by the Executive Council or as may be prescribed by these Statutes or the Ordinances.

*1.  More Details are available under Section 16 and Statute 5 of the H.P. University Act and Statutes respectively.
**2. However, before making any reference, relevant provision(s) of Act/Statutes/Ordinances may also be consulted.


    1. Accounts – I Section
    2. Accounts-II Section
    3. Compilation Section
    4. Cash Section
    5. Provident Fund Section
    6. Budget Section
    7. Internal Audit Section


Details of work of Accounts-I Section are given as under:

  1. Salaries: Salary-Teaching, Non teaching, R.C. Dharamshala, H.P. University Centre for Evening Studies. Redrawls- GPF,CPF,CPS, Thrift & Credit Society, Income Tax, Festival Advance, Warm clothing advance, Quarter rent, Group Insurance, Welfare fund, Car loan, House Building Loan, Bank Loan, Pension, Gratuity etc. ADA arrears, Pay fixation arrears, Pay revision arrears, Increment arrears ,Recovery of HPL/EQL, Payment of daily paid staff/contingent staff, Over Time of Pool, Maintenance of register of House Building loans, Car and Scooter loans, Calculation of Income Tax, Getting Declaration of Income forms, issue of form no.16
    Sending Quarterly Income Tax returns, Reconciliation with Income Tax Authorities as required
    Bank Loans,  Honorarium to Chairmen, Directors, Entries of payments and checking of s etc. paid to the teaching, non teaching staff., Guest Faculty payments., Re-employment to University staff, Audit Paras
  2. Payment to Retirees: Leave encashment, Group Insurance, Welfare fund,   Ex gratia, payments etc.
  3. TA/DA: TA/DA to examiners of all teaching departments, outsiders, insiders, COE wing, University staff, AERC, CCS, RC Dharamshala, spot payments and HPUCES. Governing Bodies- Executive Council, University Court, Finance Committee, RDC, Building Committee.Unassigned grant (UGC)- Advances and adjustments. TA/DA advances and adjustments to all colleges affiliated to the University. Audit paras
  4.  Medical claims: Medical Bills of University Staff, Medical Bills of Retirees Teaching and Non-Teaching, Medical Advances and adjustments thereof
  5. Information under RTI Act pertaining to the Branch.
  6. Festival Warm Clothing Advance
  7. Attending to notices of Income Tax Department currently received for the year 2005-06,2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11. The detail of the staff is as under


Compilation of Annual Accounts, Conduct  of Post Audit by AG & LAD, Compilation of Audit Paras, Supply of statistics to the State/Central and UGC about the funds. The detail of the staff is as under


Preparation of cheque, Salary cheque, UGC cheque, Biotech, DBT  with Salary Redrawl, Multicity cheque, TA/DA, Medical, Remuneration, Honorarium, Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills, Scholarship, JRF/SRF/HPU/CSIR, Cash Book, Imprest, Income Tax, Welfare Fund, Scholarships SC/ST, Excise, Life Insurance cheque, preparation of Foreign Drafts, preparation of Bank Drafts, pension cheque, Amalgamated Fund, Library Security of all the deptts., remittance register, IPO’s Draft to the bank etc. The detail of staff deputed is as under


The Branch deals with allotment of GPF/CPF Account nos. to its subscribers and maintenance of its accounts & final payment thereof and also grant of refundable/non refundable advances. The detail of the staff deputed in this section is as under:


The Branch deals with payment of Pension to the Pensioners including issue of PPOs to all concerned pensioners & processing of payment of all redrawl benefits to its pensioners and allotment of CPS Account nos. and maintenance of its accounts


The section deals with Projects funded by Other Agencies, Fellowships, Scholarships and Contingency of all the Projects Departments under UGC FIST, ICMR, ICSSR, ICHR Academic Staff College, PRC, Sub DIC,NBHM, SSA, DRDO, State Funded Projects, DST, DBT, Leave Cases, General Circulars, Establishment matters, INSPIRE Fellowships and Contingency, Atomic Energy etc. All NRI Departments, Remuneration to Paper Setters and Examiners, Evaluators of all Classes, Sanction Cases. UGC, CSIR, Rajiv Gandhi and PDF, Meritorious and other UGC Fellowships, Scholarships, Contingencies, UGC Projects of all the Arts and Science Departments. Contingency of all the Arts and Science Departments etc. HPU Fellowships/Scholarships and Contingency, SSA Adult Edu., Construction Division. Advances/Adjustments of COE Wings. Advances/Adjustments of other than Examinations/Library/Part-II Development Plan and Non-Plan, MTA, Adult Edu., Phy.Edu., STEP, ITS. Refund Cases/Remuneration of Non-Teaching staff of COE Wing. Contingencies of Examination/CDC/AERC/HPPEC etc. Contingencies of Main Office/SPO/DSW/DS/Hostels/Pool Office/Phy.Edu./Estate Office/Health Centre/Legal Fee/Income Tax Returns etc. Electricity, Water and Telephone Bills of all the University Departments and offices. Diary and Dispatch of the Section. The detail of the staff deputed in this section is as under:


The role of the Budget Branch is to prepare Annual Budget and get it passed from the Finance Committee, to prepare agenda and to convene the meeting of Finance Committee from time to time, to receive all type of grant from the State Government, Government of India and other agencies. To examine the files received from the Establishment Branch such as retirement cases, promotion, placement in the next scales and other disputed case of H.P. University, Agro, CCS etc.To arrange payments of salary of the staff and arrears as accrued from time to time as a result of promotion and new scales. To receive and distribute the payments of JRF and SRF in respect of different agencies i.e. UGC, CSIR, DST, DBT, SAP, FIST, Govt. of India, State Government, SC/ST fellowship, Travel Grants, Research projects & Schemes etc. To make correspondence with different agencies with regard to construction activities in the University by them. To monitor the plan works such as X Plan XI Plan of the UGC viz-a-viz its utilization by the University under different heads such as Academic and Non Academic activities. To make funds available for carrying out different type of repair works in the University.The detail of the staff deputed in this section is as under:


To carry audit of various deptts. of H.P. University and administration as well as required time to time.The detail of the staff deputed in this section is as under:


Finance Officer,
Administration Block,
Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill,
Shimla,  PIN 171 005

Phone No:
+91-177- 2830913