Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar Chair

Introduction of Dr.Y.S.PARMAR Chair, H.P.University, Shimla-171005.

Himachal Nirmata Dr.Yashwant Singh Parmar, the great freedom fighter and social reformer, who created a separate identity of Himachal Pradesh through the philosophy of Pahari language, Geographical base and culture was born on August 4, 1906 in Chanhalag village of Sirmour. One of the former princely State of Himachal Pradesh.

In his name, Dr.Y.S.Parmar Peeth was created in 2011 and activated in 2016 at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.  Peeth under Parmar Studies has initiated to start Diploma and Ph.D. Courses. Even Dr.Parmar in one of his public speech in 1975, advocated to start such Courses to enhance History, culture, Pahari Language, Phari sub-dialects, Pahari s and Loksahitya.  

In view of that Parmar Peeth is starting Diploma Course with 30 seats by this session.  Peeth is also going  to start Ph.D. Course on History, Philosophy of  Atmnirbhar Himachal, Political aspects and Pahari language of Himachal Pradesh.  Because this is still an unexplored sector for researchers.  To make people aware about Pahari Language, sub-dialects, s, Peeth has initiated research on Paharibhasha, subdialects, s, manus old ures etc. of Himachal Pradesh.  “The Himachal Lipimala” Book published under Parmar Peeth is evidence of this initiative. The role of Dr.Parmar in the creation of Himachal and to bring Pahari language and Culture in limelight is uncomparable. Dr.Y.S.Parmar Peeth with this view has tried to inculcate the Pahari Language,sub-dialects, s, manus, Culture, History, Political aspects of Himachal Pradesh for research.



Dr.Y.S.Parmar Chair

H.P.University, Shimla-5.


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1 Dr. Om Prakash Sharma Chairperson  
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