Admission Programmes Rules

Provisional Admission

(i) A student who has not passed the examination but has been placed under compartment in the annual system may be given provisional admission except in the subject of compartment, subject to other provisions pertinent in this regard. His/her admission shall be ed only if he/she is successful either in supplementary examination or in the next annual examination in the subject in which he/she was placed in compartment. However a student who has not passed the qualifying examination shall not be eligible for admission to professional courses i.e. MBA, M.Com.

(ii) The admission of a student against whom a case of unfair means is pending will also be provisional.

(iii) A candidate, who is placed under compartment is permitted to join provisionally the next higher class, if otherwise eligible but his admission shall be cancelled retrospectively if he/she fails to obtain the pass marks in the subject of compartment in the supplementary examination of the ensuing annual examination. He/she shall forfeit his/her claim to the declaration of result of the higher class for which he/she is a provisional candidate. He/She shall have no claim against the institution he/she had joined or the fees paid.

(iv) A candidate whose examination result is notified as " Later" may be allowed to join the next higher class provisionally. In case he/she is declared "fail", his/her admission shall stand cancelled and he/she shall forthwith reverted to the lower class. He/she shall have no claim against the institution or the University. Fees paid by the candidate for the higher class shall be adjusted against the dues of the lower class but in case he/she discontinues his/her studies fees paid shall not be refunded.

Refusal of Admission

Notwithstanding anything contained in the rules, a student shall be refused admission if his/her conduct during any previous stay in the University has been unsatisfactory.

A student who has been expelled or rusticated shall not be admitted to any course of study without the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor.

A student disqualified by any University shall not be given admission during the period of his/her disqualification.

Admission of a student can be cancelled if at any time it is found that he/she has furnished incorrect information or has suppressed facts to secure admission.

Cancellation of Admission

If a student does not comply with the directions/instructions/requirements within a period specified by the ICDEOL his /her admission shall be cancelled.
ICDEOL has the right to reject the admission. Admission of a student shall be cancelled straightway without assigning any reasons. If he/she misbehaves or does not observe decorum or indulges in disrupting the functioning of ICDEOL and /or the University in speeches or in writing without any valid reasons and in case it is found at some later stage that the candidate has supplied the wrong information or fake certificate, the fee paid by the candidate will be forfeited.

Renewal Admission to the Next Class/Semester

Once a student has been enrolled to a class he/she shall not be required to purchase a hand-book-cum admission/enrolment form for admission to the next class/part/semester. Instead an admission renewal form shall be required to be filled in and submitted to the ICDEOL for each class/part and semester along with the prescribed fees as per the admission schedule given below. Although an admission renewal form and a notice for submission of the same will be sent by the institution in due course of time yet it would be primarily the responsibility of the student to submit the renewal admission form and fees in time.